The below is a Letter of Mandate — an instruction for DRI to act for you in a legal complaint. It is not a bank mandate and you have no financial obligation in joining this mass action.


I hereby request Digital Rights Ireland CLG. (“DRI”) to take this letter as a mandate for DRI (but with no obligation) to make a Complaint pursuant to the provisions of Articles 77 and 80 of the GDPR on my behalf arising out of the breaches of my data protection rights by Ireland, the Minister or Employment Affairs and Social Protection and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform (“collectively, “the Respondents”) in or about the question of the issue of a Public Services Card to me and;

1. On my behalf to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things in connection with the said Complaint against the Respondents in accordance with the sole and exclusive judgment of DRI

a) To represent me before the DATA PROTECTION COMMISSION (“the DPC”) or any court, where the said Complaint is transferred in connection with the said Complaint.

b) To engage or appoint any solicitor, counsel, advocate, pleader or lawyer to conduct the said Complaint or suit.

c) To prosecute the said Complaint or suit and proceedings, to sign and verify all plaints, pleadings, applications, petitions or documents before the Commission or a court and to deposit, withdraw and receive document and any money or moneys from the court or from the Respondents either in execution of the decision of the DPC or decree or otherwise and sign and deliver proper receipts for me and discharges for the same.

d) To apply for inspection and inspect documents and records, to obtain copies of documents and papers.

e) To compromise the  Complaint or suit in such manner as DRI shall think fit.

f)  To do generally all other acts and things for the conduct of the said Complaint or suit as I could have done the same if I were personally present.

g) I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives, ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm whatsoever DRI shall do or purport to do by virtue of these presents.

2. Distribute the proceeds of the Complaint, if any, in accordance with the decision of the DPC or court(s) having seisin of the Complaint or proceedings.

3. DRI may terminate this Mandate for good cause by giving the Mandator written notice at the last known email or physical address, including inter alia, in the event that:

a) If the Mandator fails promptly to supply any information or instructions needed by DRI in order to act on behalf of the Mandator or if the Mandator fails to advise DRI immediately of any relevant change in circumstances; or

b) If DRI determine, in their sole discretion, that they are not in a position properly to perform the Mandate given by the Mandator;

c) If the Mandator fails to furnish DRI with instructions after having been requested to do so, in writing; or

d) DRI considers, in its sole discretion, that any part of the conduct required to be undertaken by it is inappropriate.

4. This authority shall continue in force until I shall have expressly revoked it by a notice in writing delivered to you.